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Yellow Silica Gel

Revised 2015


DelSORB® AY25Bsilica gel is the naturally occurring mineral silicon dioxide that has been purified and processed into a hard, smooth beaded form. The beads are then saturated with a moisture indicating solution that gives them a yellow (orange) color when dry. It is also known as a narrow pore silica gel and has a vast network of interconnecting pores with diameters of 20-30Å. These pores have a strong affinity for moisture and use physical adsorption and capillary condensation to trap and hold it. Silica gel will remove moisture at temperatures as high as 220°F, but is best used at room temperature (70-90°F) and high relative humidity (60-90%Rh).
The color changes from yellow (orange) to green as it adsorbs moisture. The color typically begins to changes as the moisture content passes 6% by weight and is complete at 14% by weight. A bright green color indicates moisture saturation and that it is time to replace or regenerate the desiccant. DelSORB® AY25B meets the needs of environmentally concerned companies and conforms to European Union requirements for moisture indicating desiccants.


Property Value Unit
Bead Size 2 – 5 mm
Nominal Pore Opening 20 – 30 Angstroms
Color Change Yellow to Green Indication
pH (Slurry) ≈ 7 pH
Water Adsorption Capacity
                             20% ≥ 11 % Weight
                             40% ≥ 22 % Weight
                             80% ≥ 33 % Weight
Bulk Density ≥700 g/l
≥ 44 lbs/ft3
Size Qualification ≥ 97 %
Package Moisture ≤1.5 % Weight

As a primary desiccant or blended with other desiccants in any application where visual control of moisture is required, such as compressed air dryers, gas drying, breathers, for protection of non-consumable packaged goods, drying and storage of flowers and seeds, etc. Due to the addition of the moisture indicator, DelSORB® AY25BIndicating Silica Gel should not be used in contact with products intended for consumption such as food or pharmaceuticals.

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