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Activated Carbon Coal Based Pellet 4mm Specs

Delta Adsorbents AC-P is coal based activated carbon in pelletized. AC-P is designed for vapor phase applications. This coal based activated carbon is high quality carbon designed to provide a low-pressure drop due to the cylindrical shaped pellets.

AC-P is commonly used in chemical processing, paint spray booths, air stripper off-gas VOC removal, tank or sump air vents, respirators, API separator vents, etc.

Pressure Drop

Typical Physical Properties

Property: Value:
Iodine Number, mg/gm 1100 – 1200
Apparent Density, lb/ft 3 28-30
Mesh Size, mm 4
Butane Number, % ww 27.5 (70 CTC)
Hardness, Min. (ASTM D-3802) 98
Moisture, Max % 3