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AAFS50 Specs

Revised 2017

Application: Arsenic Removal for Water Treatment

Description: ActiGuard® AAFS50 iron enhanced activated alumina with high arsenic capacity and low cost make it the most economical adsorption route for arsenic removal.

ActiGuard® AAFS50 is designed for single pass use, landfill disposal, passes both TCLP and California WET.

ActiGuard® AAFS50 has also proven efficient in remediation applications including groundwater site clean ups and storm water protection where metals including arsenic, zinc, silica, copper, lead and selenium need to be reduced. It has proven useful in phosphate and nitrate reduction.


Alumina Granules
Size 14×28 mesh – 0.6-1.5mm;
28×48 mesh – 0.3-0.6mm
Al2O3 + Fe Promoter 90 %
TiO2 0.002 %
SiO2 0.02 %
Specific Surface Area 280 m2/g
Loss on ignition (300-1000°C) 10 %
Bulk Density 1050; 66 Kg/m3 ; lb/ft3

Shipping Information

PACKAGING: 2,000 lb. Super sack,5 , 10 or 50 Lbs.

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