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Dessecap CPE – 1GRSG

Revised 2015

Dry Pak Industries Part Number: CPE1014-G1S2

Product: Silica Gel Canister w/ 1.0 gram Silica Gel

Desiccant: Silica Gel 0.7 – 1.5mm beads/granules

Shelf Life: 3 years from the date of mfg.

Description: Silica Gel in a printed PE canister

Canister Dimensions: Silica Gel Quantity: 1.000 gram +/- 5% Length: 0.67” +/- .040″ Diameter: 0.55″ +/- .040″

DMF Number: 17896

Moisture Content: Less than 3.00% maximum residual moisture by weight (loss-on-drying)

Canister Materials: Injection Molded HDPE and LDPE cylindrical canister body and lids manufactured by Budplas, Ltda.

Print: Printing on canister exterior says DO NOT EAT, written in six languages. Manufacturer’s name.

STD Packaging:
The product will be packaged as follows: -6,000 desiccant packets per corrugated carton. Packed 2,000 canisters per moisture barrier bag, 3 bags of 2,000 pcs. per corrugated box.
Product label contains the following: 
Manufacturer’s name, Description of desiccant, Quantity per container, Manufacturer’s part number, Manufacturer’s lot number, Date of manufacture